Rural Langley

Rural Langley is a peaceful, slice of tranquility!

Rural Langley is located on the outskirts of the city centre. Here you will find vast farmlands and large parcels. Those looking for a carriage home or a secondary building on their property will likely discover it in this area. Rural Langley is ideal for those who want to be far from the city action and enjoy their privacy. Nearly 75% of Langley’s land is part of the Agricultural Land Reserve, so it’s not hard to find a home in this part of town.

Residents in Rural Area Langley get to enjoy all of the wineries, farms, and parks that are absent from the central neighbourhoods. If you love to golf or horseback ride, Rural Langley is a great place to call home. Soak up an afternoon of sunshine at one of the local wineries/breweries and head out to a golf course for an evening meal. The lifestyle in this part of town is slow and relaxing. You’ll get to take in the views of rolling hills and neatly planted crops with a home in Rural Langley.

Prices and styles of homes in this area vary because of their location and range of parcel size. There is a healthy mix of older and newer homes on larger lots than what can be found in the city. Real estate in Rural Langley is generally cheaper than in other neighbourhoods, however, there are almost exclusively single-family detached homes. Large families and agricultural enthusiasts will feel right at home with real estate in Rural Langley.

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