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The Importance of Following Zoning Rules for your Suite

Proper land use is important

Zoning rules are put into place to ensure homeowners, businesses, and city officials identify the proper land use of a property. Zoning helps city planners determine what infrastructure is needed. It can also help them learn how to plan for future developments. In Langley, you are required to follow rules and regulations surrounding land use put into place by the City. This applies to all secondary suites.

Zoning rules and regulations of suites in Langley

In order to understand the zoning rules and regulations of suites in Langley, you should first read through the basic information about secondary suites on our website. In these articles, we go through the types of suites, their uses, and where they are typically located in Langley. We also provide some information on what makes a suite legal versus illegal. Learn more about this topic here.

Forms and Additional Information 

For those looking to apply for a secondary suite and get it up to code, we have provided the necessary form and information in the tiles below. The form includes tips and pointers for your and your contractor to follow to ensure that your suite is up to city standards! Everything from safety to ventilation requirements is addressed in this comprehensive form. Read more about the application and technical requirements for a suite in Langley, here.

Add value with a suite

Applying for a secondary suite is a great way to add value to your property. A legal suite is extremely sought-after and can make or break the deal for many buyers. Owning a home with a legal suite helps mitigate certain risk factors like lawsuits, fines, and other penalties. Take a look through the form applying for a secondary suite to get an idea of what you’ll need before you fill out the application.

Owning a suite is a great way to jump on the property ladder as a new buyer!

However, it is important to consider city guidelines surrounding secondary suites. By following the guidelines you can take the necessary steps to legalize your suite. Our team is here to support you during this process.

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If you are interested in finding a home with a suite in Langley, browse through our featured listings. We’re happy to help you find the perfect home with a suite. Be sure to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you have about owning a home with a secondary suite in Langley. I look forward to working with you soon!


Secondary Suite General Information

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Application and Technical Requriements

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Secondary Suite License Application

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