Applying for a Secondary Suite

secondary suite license

Information and Application for Obtaining a Secondary Suite License

Once you have met the technical requirements of a legal secondary suite in Langley, you must apply for approval from the city. The secondary suite license application is a four-section form that can be completed online or printed. Applicants can type their answers into each section on the form from a computer for added convenience. See below.

Before filling out the application, you’ll need to know the following information:

  1. If your suite application is for a new suite, existing suite, change of owner, or family-occupied suite
  2. Where the suite is located & legal (land) description
  3. Square footage
  4. Who the registered owner is
  5. Contact information of the registered owner
  6. Signatures of the owner and inspector

Once you have gathered all the necessary information, applicants can submit their forms to the Township of Langley. For more information about applying for a suite in Langley, contact the Permit, License, and Inspection Services Department in Langley (

I am also available to help you as you work towards getting your secondary suite license. Feel free to contact me for help during this process.