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Elementary school learning provides the foundation for your child’s education. When you move to a new city, it can be difficult to get your child enrolled in the local school district. Especially, if you are from out of the province or country. Thankfully, the Langley school district makes it easy for new residents to enroll their children in an appropriate school. Within the City of Langley, there are 28 different elementary schools that serve each catchment area/part of Langley. In this article, we will be going over how to enroll your child in elementary school and what schools are available in Langley. Follow along below for more information. 

Enrolling Your Student in Elementary School.

The process of enrolling your child in elementary school in Langley differs depending on what grade your child is going into. For instance, if your child is going into Kindergarten, the process is a bit different than if your child is going into grades 1-12. This is because Kindergarten is the first year that your child will attend school. 

If you are looking to enroll your child in Kindergarten, there are a few things to keep in mind. Any child who is turning five by the end of the year is eligible for beginning Kindergarten the following September. In order to register your child, you must gather the following documentation. For more information about enrolling your child in Kindergarten, click here.

  1. Proof of Age 
  2. Proof of Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Resident Status
  3. Proof of Residence
  4. Current Vaccination Records
  5. Registration Form

For those who are looking to enroll their child in grades 1-12, the process is slightly different. If you are from outside of the school district you will need to phone your child’s catchment school to begin the process. You can find your child’s catchment school by using the school locator tool 

provided by the Langley School District. 

What Elementary Schools are Near Langley Houses for Sale?

The Langley School District (SD35) has a number of programs and services available to students. There are 45 schools within the district that serve grades Kindergarten through Grade 12. Moreover, there are 28 elementary schools within each neighbourhood to ensure every family has easy access to their local elementary facility. Below we have listed every elementary school within the district, organized by neighbourhood. However, it is important to use the school locator tool to determine which school corresponds with your home address. 

Fort Langley and Walnut Grove

  1. Fort Langley Elementary (K-7)
  2. West Langley Elementary (K-7)
  3. Topham Elementary (K-7)
  4. James Kennedy Elementary (K-7)
  5. Alex Hope (K-7)
  6. Gordon Greenwood (K-7)
  7. Dorothy Peacock (K-7)

Langley, Willowbrook, Murrayville, and Brookswood

  1. RC Garnett Elementary (K-5)
  2. Langley Meadows Elementary (K-5)
  3. Douglas Park Elementary (K-5)
  4. Nicomekl Elementary (K-5)
  5. Blacklock Elementary (K-5)
  6. Simonds Elementary (K-5)
  7. Uplands Elementary (K-5)
  8. James Hill Elementary (K-5)
  9. Alice Brown Elementary (K-7)
  10. Belmont Elementary (K-7)
  11. Noel Booth Elementary (K-7)
  12. Glenwood Elementary (K-7)

Rural Langley

  1. Wix Brown Elementary (K-7)
  2. Peterson Road Elementary (K-7)


  1. Lynn Fripps Elementary (K-5)
  2. Willoughby Elementary (K-5)
  3. Richard Bulpritt Elementary (K-5)
  4. Donna Gabriel Robins Elementary (K-5)


  1. North Otter Elementary (K-7)
  2. Shortreed (K-5)
  3. Parkside Centennial Elementary (K-5)

Contact Me Today about Langley Houses for sale with suites!

Langley has a wonderful selection of schools for students of all ages and ability ranges. Check out the School District of Langley’s Website to learn more about enrolling your child in school. For more information about a property in the area, contact me today. I’d be happy to help you find the perfect place to call home in this awesome city. Be sure to check out my social media for the latest updates and more. I look forward to working with you in the near future.

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