November Real Estate Sales in Langley

Real estate in Langley for November

Real estate sales in Langley for November continued to decline overall for the third month in a row according to the local real estate board in the Fraser Valley. 871 properties across the spectrum sold in the month of November. The average benchmark price fell by 7.2% from $ 1,625,600 to $1,509,000. There were 689 active listings in Langley, in November, 97 of which were new listings for single-family homes.  Properties have an average sales cycle of 27-34 days which is relatively unchanged from last month.

Average Price

The average single-family home price in Langley sat around $1,327,873. Townhomes were at an average price of $807,378 and finally, apartments and condos were at an average price of $535,868. The Benchmark price for a single-family home in Langley in November was $1,509,000. Townhomes saw a benchmark of $833,200 and finally, apartments and condos in Langley saw a benchmark price of 577,900.

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